Reliable Generators in Arlington, WA

No one ever wants to be left in the dark, either at home or in their commercial space. Protect yourself and your property by having an electric generator from Arlington Electric & Solar on hand. It will be ready to provide you with a reliable source of power in a blackout or emergency on a 24/7 basis.


Why Generators are a Good Investment

Investing in an electric generator is wise if you need to:

  • Keep lights and heat/air conditioning on in the event of a power failure
  • Keep power on for seriously ill or medically fragile family members
  • Preserve perishable items in your refrigerator and freezer
  • Keep property illuminated will help to discourage thieves and looters
  • Power appliances, communication devices for updates and instructions

Authorized Generator Dealer and Installer in Arlington

Our team has been factory trained to provide quality installations, repair, regular maintenance and warranty work on your generator. We are pleased to offer a selection of quality brands, including Generac, Kohler and Winco.

Our Selection Includes:

Air-cooled non-prepackaged generators:
8kW #5518
10kW #5520
14kW #5522
17kW #5523
Air-cooled prepackaged generators:
8kW #5501 w/8 cir L/Ctr
10kW #5502 w/10 cir L/Cntr
14kW #5503 w/14 cir L/Cntr
17kW #5504 w/16 cir L/Cntr
Generic portables:
GP7000 #5625
GP8000E #5681
GP17500E #5735
XG 8000E #5747
XG7000E #5798
Assembly, shipping, delivery, and training are separate. LOAD SHED TRANSFER SWITCH REQUIRED BY STATE OF WA

generatorsPlease note: the State of Washington requires that the load center transfer switches be matched to the size of generator that you install. That means a 10kW can only have 10 circuits hooked up to a 10 circuit load center transfer switch. If you want to provide coverage that is more than 10 circuits and still use a 10kW genset, you would need to purchase a non-prepackaged unit with the load shed transfer switch.

Contact us for a custom quote on the right sized generator for your property. We would also be happy to provide a quote for your residential electric, commercial electric needs. Or we can talk to you about saving money with solar energy.

Authorized Generator Distributors in Arlington, WA

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